WHY KediCat, KediKatze, KediChat, Kediقطة or KediКошка ?

Small classes : the most 12 students
Intuitive way of learning:  "Kedi" is "Cat" in Turkish so it is not that difficult learn Turkish with experienced professional teachers who know the similarities and differences between your language (English, German, Arabic, Russian or Hebrew) and Turkish. It will be at least twice faster.You won't have any question in your minds after the classes. Read the method below.
You won't pay for anything else other than fee No Registration fee , No Replacement test fee, No tax, No extra payment for books,


You will not learn what Yüklem (verb) Zarf (adverb) etc. in KediCat, instead of spending an hour of Turkish Grammar in Turkish
you will learn, It may seem confusing at the beginning but all you have to know the Turkish word order is reverse of English, all you have to do is reversing your English sentence; see the example

konuş means speak,
-(y)Abilir means can,
-(y)Im means I

I    can   speak   
Now all you have to do changing the verb and adding more words
Türkçe : Turkish
I    can   speak   Turkish

let's do another example
tee : çay
drink : iç
I    can   drink  tee.
Çay -ebilir-im.

Now if you have a Turkish friend with you, try saying
in : -DA
work : çalış     ( pronunciation note   ç = chair  / ş =show )
I    can   work   in Istanbul.

At the end of the first week of beginners' class you will be able to say;
We should rent a house with terrace in order to throw parties on weekends. If you cannot then you can get your money back.

Learning this way and making up your own sentences (at least 10) and listening your classmates sentences (at least 100) in the class far more useful than spending hours about Yüklem (verb) Zarf (adverb) etc. and not being able to use them. Please compare what you can learn at KediCat in a month with other language courses at the Levels section on the webpage.


Our courses are aimed at speaking and understanding the spoken language in classes of 6-12 students .We know what you need and we teach the language fast and easily. You are adults so you don't need to go over the same way as you did when you learned your native language we will show you shortcuts to the Turkish grammar. You will see how easy Turkish grammar is.

Turkish grammar is so regular, unlike the other European languages, that once you learn the rules all you have to do is to apply them. The only problem is the vocabulary because all the words will be quite new for you BUT the thing that you have to know is all you need to speak and read in Turkish sufficiently and comfortably is to know 5000 words again unlike European in which you need to know between 20000 - 40000 words and we have also an intuitive way of teaching the vocabulary

konuş means speak,
-GAn means somebody who ... a lot,
konuş-gan means talkative

In our courses you also will learn Turkish morphology (-logy : study morph: form ; study of form (of words) but you are 50% luckier than when you learn English, like morphology which is a Greek word we also have Arabic and Persian words but it doesn't go up to 65-70 % of words like in English, click the link for the source; sorry yes it is wiki but it is roughly true ) .

With four hours a day five days a week intensive courses you will be able to speak in Turkish in a month, it is not a promise it is a fact, you will get 35% refund if you can't reach CEFR level A2 (even B1) in a month, all you have to do follow the courses and study by yourself for an hour a day. It is possible to speak and communicate adequately Turkish in a mouth with our methodology.

Intensive classes are hold every weekday (Monday through Friday) between9 00 and 12 45

If you work or study but still want to learn Turkish, you can come to our evening classes

Evening classes are hold twice a week (Monday and WednesdayOR Tuesday and Thursday) between18 30 and 20 20

Remedial courses are designed for students who already learned some Turkish but want to correct and improve their grammar. If you have problems with Turkish grammar and its complexities remedial courses will help you.

If you are too busy to join our classes and you need private lessons we can arrange them accordıng to your needs.

You will be surprised when you see how easy Turkish is. Yes it is
Enjoy learning this fascinating language with us in the middle of Istanbul.

Remember Kedi is Cat in Turkish


What can you learn in a month?

please look at the section LEVELS to see what you can learn at KediCat