KediCat Language Courses

Hasnun Galip Sok . No 1 2nd Floor
Beyoğlu - İstanbul
(+90) 0 212 244 24 86
(+90) 0 537 655 24 86

You can visit us in office times  
Monday to Thursday
between 13 00-13 30 and 17 30-18 30
Fridays between 13 00-13 30

From Istiklal street you will get into Büyük Parmakkapı sok (str.) and you will turn into first right. It is the first building on your left but it will be a little bit difficult to find the entrance of the building because front face of the building 25 meter long, so walk 15 meters here is the door, there are two used book stores (with cats lying on the books) before and after the entrance of the building (but they may not be open in the morning), (if you see a ECZANE pharmacy, Hotel or a bar, walk back),  it is on the second floor.